We are Qenla

We make your life better. 

Our intelligent sound solutions will inspire you in a method you never thought. 

We inspire various people to get their best achievement, our innovative wireless sports headphones with real-time voice prompt and intelligent apps can help you stay motivated in work out. 

In your work and life, we can help your call communication and conversation easier and more relax. We can first do noise cancellation then deliver you clear sound as crystal.

We can also enable you to enjoy the music with rich and immersive sound even you are busy. Furthermore, you can effortlessly switch to making a call and back again.

Wide favorable comments from various countries are suffice to prove that Qenla products have high class quality!

What motivates us

We are constantly developing and challenging convention. We’re motivated to make efforts to find new ways to let you hear better sound. 

With “quality credibility innovation win-win” philosophy, our products are far sold to Korea, Southeast Asia and so on, then built good business reputation there. We have high qualified management team and good after-sales service, the created “Qenla” and “JHO” brand to achieve consumers’ high technology lives by high quality and after-sales as guarantee.


We are also professional listeners, so we check every earphone carefully before each delivery to find problems in advance then give solutions.

We also improve productivity in the workplace to help people achieve better balance between work and life。 

Qenla is proud to be a member of The Bluetooth SIG – a transnational organization who make Bluetooth regulations and the purpose is to promote Bluetooth technology, then authorize companies or factories to use Bluetooth technology and symbols since 2006。


Get In Touch With Us
Our vision is to provide more innovative, excellent design and diligent service to make your life easier whenever and wherever in this modern smart-digital world. Contact us today to begin sourcing.

Strong Cooperation---Sales Internet All Over the World

Qenla sales channel covers worldwide, we successively settled into Buynow PC Mall, EBAY, Amazon and HK Waitinggoods other hundreds of big scale E-business platforms.

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